Dennis Mahoney named company’s chairman

Risk modelling and analytics firm Sciemus has named former Aon executive Dennis Mahoney as its new chairman.

Mahoney has also invested in Sciemus.

Mahoney retired from his post of Aon Global in 2009, having previously served as chairman and chief executive of Aon’s main UK legal entity, Aon Limited. While there he was responsible for coordinating all Aon’s UK operations.

“Dennis will be more than just a figurehead at Sciemus,” said Sciemus founder and chief executive Andre Finn in a statement. “He will be a central figure in our team, whose knowledge and contacts will help drive our vision to make Sciemus the market leader in our field.”

In addition to modelling engineering risks in the wind, space, property and power sectors, Sciemus also operates a specialty managing general agency. Its (re)insurance clients include Ascot, Montpelier Re, Ecclesiastical and RLI.

Mahoney said: “I am very excited about becoming Chairman. I met Andre when he set up the business originally, and I feel very privileged to be allowed to invest in the company and to join it.”