As many suspected, our colleagues across the channel are totally ignoring the Insurance Marketing Directive (IMD) and Distance Marketing Directive (DMD).

The charade forced upon us by the FSA is shown to be another example of Britain enthusiastically "gold plating" EU Directives at the expense of our competiteveness.

I have just received a renewal notice from my French broker in respect of an apartment in France. The apartment he mentions is not "let out", so clearly I am a "retail" customer for DMD and IMD purposes. The renewal date was 3 March.The renewal notice was received on 12 March (posted 8 March). What happened to the 21-day rule?

The renewal consists of one page, providing the name of the insurer (which has changed since last year ), renewal date and premium required. No policy summary, specimen policy, key facts or demands and needs. Why, as an industry, have we just rolled over and let the FSA get away with this exercise in bureaucracy ?

Name and address withheld