Biba has warned brokers of the impending deadline for submission of their regulatory returns to the FSA.

The warning comes amid fears that many brokers will not meet the timetable for completion of their Retail Mediation Activities Returns.

Brokers have 30 working days from the end of their annual accounting period to file their returns.

Biba regulation and compliance manager Steve White said: "I would be surprised if 100% of brokers get the forms in on time."

He urged the broking market to "make sure you know what you have to report, how you have to report it and when it has to be in".

The FSA expects brokers to monitor capital levels. Management accounts will also need to be kept.

' Biba has launched a service to help brokers deal with potential conflicts of interest such as contingent commissions.

The Conflict Investigation Service will help brokers manage any potential conflicts of interest such as profit commissions, volume overriders and corporate hospitality.

The service will be delivered by two insurance specialist law firms O'Connors and Steeles.

Biba's Steve White said: "Some brokers have a reasonable income from non-standard remuneration methods [such as contingent commissions]."