Pinnacle Pet Healthcare has teamed up with Intervet UK to offer a new scheme for the lifetime of a pet.

Lifelong offers full reinstatement of the veterinary fees cover at renewal each year, no matter how much has been claimed, and a £25 contribution towards the cost of a pet's annual vaccination.

Policies also feature a comprehensive range of supplementary benefits such as an automatic extension of cover for pets travelling abroad under the Government's Pet Travel Scheme, premium protection and third party liability.

"On average, only 10% of the UK's dog and cat population for primary consultation are currently insured," says Simon wheeler, marketing director for PPH.

"We have teamed up with Intervet to take the confusion out of insurance schemes and offer pet owners a simple, effective, value for money plan that suits everyone."

Pet owners can start the insurance scheme at any time from when the animal is as young as six weeks, and up to its eight birthday for dogs and tenth birthday for cats.