Technology giant bounces back from setback of closing price comparison site 

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Google has teamed with Allianz and AXA to work in partnerships on its Nest technology.

Google’s French director revealed that the technology giant had been working with AXA in France, and Allianz, according to Fortune

Google has been keen to find insurance partnerships for Nest.

In the US, it has teamed up with Liberty to offer premium reductions for home insurance buyers. 

Nest is a Google-owned device that is used as a smart thermostat and smoke detector. 

The moves in Europe and the US are now likely to be followed up in the UK, which is a ripe market for Google to seek partnerships. 

However, the French director Nick Leeder hinted that Google was not interested in a trying to directly compete with insurers and wholly disrupt the insurance industry. 

A survey of insurers by tech firm Capgemini earlier this year found out that more than 40% believed the US firm was a threat and rival because of its data capabilities and brand power. 

“With some of the things we have done around Nest, we have been working with insurers in France like AXA and Allianz to develop bundles of products which blend technology and hardware with insurance,” Leeder said.

“We’re clearer about the role that we can play and what we can add, and we are looking for partners.”

Earlier this year, Google shut down its price comparison site.

“We found it didn’t work as well as we’d like,” Leeder said.


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