Group Direct, owner of Commercial Vehicle Direct (CVD), is seeking an insurance partner to underwrite a raft of online products set to launch over the next six months.

Earlier this year the company launched e-Bike, an online motorcycle policy which is underwritten by Group Direct subsidiary, Gibraltar-based Southern Rock Insurance.

The broker now wants to launch online versions of all its personal lines products which include e-Van, e-Commercial and e-Travel.

CVD chief executive Arron Banks said the company did not intend to take on any more risk itself and therefore wanted to court large insurers with the capacity to underwrite the new offering.

Banks said: "We are currently writing about 4,000 new motorcycle policies a month through e-Bike, with just four members of staff.

"Doing everything online allows us to substantially cut costs. We can pass those savings back to our customers."

He added: "We intend to shift serious volumes through the new e-sites and need an insurance partner or partners with the capacity to carry them."

Banks also said CVD was poised to make broker acquisitions, particularly in the taxi and motorcycle sectors.

He said: "The big players failing to invest in their online offerings will be left behind. We intend to capture and consolidate in those areas."