Hastings Premier includes add-ons such as legal protection

Broker Hastings Direct has launched a new range of car and motorbike policies called Hastings Premier.

The new policies include added features as standard as well as cost savings.

The Hastings Premier car policy includes roadside breakdown cover and legal protection with a 23% cost saving for drivers. It offers up to £100,000 cover for legal costs and financial protection for any driver against costs incurred through a non-fault accident.

Additional benefits include a free courtesy car if the insured’s vehicle is being repaired and a 24-hour claims helpline. Policyholders that are hit by an uninsured driver will not have to pay an excess or lose their no-claims discount. Similarly, there will be no loss of no-claims discount for vandalism claims.

The motorbike policy includes £750 of helmet and leathers cover and legal protection as standard, with a cost saving of 33% for these add-ons. The policy also provides protection against being hit by an uninsured driver at no additional cost.

Further benefits include free cover in the European Union for up to 90 days per trip and discounts for advanced riders. As with the car policy, Hastings Premier bike policyholders will not have to pay an excess or lose their no-claims discount if hit by an uninsured driver.