Insurance execs must find it daunting, after a long lunch or evening function, knowing they have to catch a train and then drive home from their local station.

And a few might find it hard to get a space at all in the car park at a certain Home Counties station. Backchat knows why.

Benfield Greig chief executive Grahame Chilton has a penchant for driving to Charlwood station near his home and then taking the train, Backchat was told last week. But being a conscientious chap, if he has had a drink, on his return he will not drive but take a cab home. So, the next morning, he will go to his garage and get another car.

A few weeks ago, the station manager had a `quiet word'. Four of Chilton's cars were in the car park.

"The manager enquired if he had run out of space in his garage," said the Backchat source.