Marketing company HML is targeting white van man with a new scheme, called Hyper Vanline, designed to insure convicted or banned drivers.

The package covers high risk individuals who want to insure commercial vehicles and is available for fleets of up to ten vehicles.

High risk occupations such as builders or scaffolders are included, as there is a high risk of them damaging their vehicle during work.

The scheme is attractive for people who find it difficult to get cover, and looks favourably on drivers who have had convictions and been banned in the past.

Minimum premiums start from £350 for those aged 25 and over to £1,000 for a 17-year-old. The scheme is available in comprehensive, third party, fire and theft, and third party.

The scheme aims to help smaller brokers compete favourably with larger competitors, as well as to establish relationships with independent brokers so that they can place unusual risks at advantageous rates.

In the past, smaller brokers have found it difficult to provide this type of cover to clients because of the nature of high risk activity.

Brokers can expect a commission of £175 for selling a premium of £3,000; £150 for £2,500 to £2,999; £125 for £1,500 to £1,999; £44 for £700 to £899, and £17.50 for £350 to £449.

Charles Reilly marketing director of HML Marketing said: "It will enable brokers to offer yet another product to the range that they can provide to both new and existing clients, who, more than ever, are looking for one-stop purchasing when seeking insurance products."

The scheme is being marketed on a small scale and brokers will be targeted by a news sheet.