Has the power and reach of Backchat been under-estimated?

We thought it was just the witty and humorous of insurance, who bothered scouring the back pages, but it seems the wider media has picked up on some of our featured stars.

Just ask the newly-honed managing director of Hero Insurance Services, Paul Cosh.

Since becoming a Backchat regular after shedding pounds in a bet with ABC Insurance’s Phil Bunker, Cosh has seen his fame escalate.

While resting at home last Saturday after a five mile hike, avoiding pubs and restaurants, the phone rang.

“I'm from the Sunday Mirror, is that Paul Cosh?” asked a voice.

“Yes, can I help you with pearls of wisdom about motor insurance?” replied Cosh.

“No, I understand that you saved the man who was trapped in his car under water in Gloucester,” the voice added.

Sadly, while our insurance Hero was apparently a star water polo player at university and beat some Swinton guys in a swimming race at Cowes seven years ago, this was another Paul Cosh.