Would your skills stand up to FSA scrutiny? Insurance Times in association with the Financial Services Skills Council has surveyed our readers to find out. Look out for the correct answers and analysis in next week's issue

If the FSA visited your office tomorrow would you be able to demonstrate your competence? Could you answer questions about your new regulatory regime and how you conduct business within it?

Insurance Times with its research partner, the Financial Services Skills Council, decided to find out whether our industry has managed to cope with the influx of FSA rules over the past six months. So we surveyed our readers with 17 key questions.

Mary Greene, FSSC business and development director, said: "The FSSC wanted to learn more about the training and competence challenges the industry is facing. Employers are having to take responsibility to develop systems that ensure they and their staff are competent and their knowledge is up to date.

"The survey is a great starting point. Just like driving, it's easy to think that you have all the skills at your fingertips - after all, you've been doing it for years, haven't you? And just like driving, there can be some nasty shocks if your skills are ever put to the test. The survey was a safe and confidential way for people to test themselves - and then look at what they need to improve.

"And for anyone feeling that they don't know where to start - there's plenty of advice and help available - from professional bodies and training providers, many of whom are offering continuing professional development schemes. The FSA also runs training events.

"While the FSSC isn't prescriptive about the route people take to competence, in the near future we'll be launching accreditation awards. These will offer a visible "quality mark", both for employers who can demonstrate that training has made a difference to their business, and for training providers."

If you didn't take part in the online survey (conducted on www.insurancetimes.co.uk) there's still time to test your skills.

We'll publish the results and analysis in next week.