Unqualified claims assessors are still able to charge for their services because consumers are in the dark about no-win-no-fee arrangements, a leading solicitor warned this week.

Edward Wegorzewski, of Runham Kirkbride Gibbs Pollard in Bradford, said unqualified assessors are charging "contingency fees" of a fixed amount, or a percentage of injury compensation.

Wegorzewski, speaking in the light of the Blackwell Committee's report into claims assessors, said that last year's Access to Justice legislation should have meant zero charges for consumers, with all fees being reclaimed from insurers.

But he warned: "Unqualified claims assessors are operating, largely with no professional indemnity, and charging customers fees. Without a huge advertising campaign, I fear that people will not be aware of the choices that are available to them.

"A specialist personal injury solicitor should ensure that if you win, you keep your money – and pay nothing if you lose."