CNA chief calls for better communication between claims and underwriting.

Insurance suffers from a lack of communication between underwriting and claims departments, Julian Enoizi, chief executive of CNA Europe, has warned.

Enoizi, who leads the insurer’s European operation covering financial lines, marine cargo renewable energy and large property and casualty risks, said: “It is extraordinary how often there is a lack of communication between the two.”

Enoizi, speaking at an industry conference last Thursday, outlined the key benefits of a strong relationship.

He said companies could pick up trends and patterns at the earliest possible stage and offer policy coverage for specific emerging trends.

Price discipline could improve and more secure contracts that enhance a firm’s reputation could be developed.

However, departments that do work together successfully should be careful of a “claims avoidance mentality” that could eventually drive business away.

Enoizi, a former lawyer who worked in the claims department of a multi-national company, said: “If you cannot get those two departments working together, and that becomes part of the culture of the company, that will impact on your reputation and future performance.”