Ryanair and other budget airlines are fuming about new, higher premiums for insurance.

On its website, Ryanair blasts: "There has been a substantial increase in insurance costs for airlines.

"In particular, a special levy of $1.25 (88p) per passenger journey ($2.50 (£1.76) on a return trip) has been levied on all air travellers with immediate effect. This levy is grossly unfair in that the same amount is being levied on all passengers, regardless of whether they are fat-cat business people paying £10,000 on a first-class long-haul flight or price-sensitive passengers of Ryanair who are flying from Dublin to London for as low as £9.99 one way.

"This is just another example of discrimination against Ryanair's passengers and we will fight it aggressively on your behalf."

As Ryanair is now officially bigger than BA, at least in market capitalisation, shouldn't it show some largesse?