The annual kartfest sorted out the endurance rating of the insurance industry. Our man in the helmet Jonathan Russell reports

Take eight hours, 35 cars and 250 insurance professionals, add petrol, a drizzle of rain and a whole lot of competitiveness and you have the ingredients for the second annual Insurance Endurance race.

For a bunch of people who spend all their time providing a safety net there was a healthy disregard for personal danger as the 75mph karts belted around the Milton Keynes's Daytona Racing track last Friday.

Primary team leader John Bibby, who enjoyed mixed success on the track, said: "It was great day. Good for us to get out of the office and good to see so many faces from the industry.

"We'll definitely be doing it next year."

The star team on the day was Hazelvine who put in 315 laps during the event. They pipped Gerling to win the event after countless changes on the leader board.

Other teams who did well included Lexham Hotshots for recording the fastest lap, 1min 12secs, and Its Personal 2 for making sure that someone came last.

Lexham Hotshots also set a new record for the pit-stop challenge, changing four tyres in just 15.3 seconds.

While the top teams might have been reluctant to reveal the secrets of their success, Budget, who came in eighth, had a novel approach to getting their speed up.

One of the team members explained: "One of drivers pointed out on the Thursday evening that our helmets were a bit dirty.

"Anyway we gave them a polish that evening which seemed to help."