Ex-Hurricane Ophelia moves away from the UK and Ireland towards Scandinavia, leaving almost 370,000 homes without power and three people dead,

Ex-Hurricane Ophelia tracked a path of destruction across Ireland, which bore the brunt of its winds of up to 100mph, before it hit the UK yesterday evening.

The BBC reported that the storm has left 245,000 homes and businesses without power in Ireland. 20,000 homes in Ireland are currently without water. Three people died as a result of the storm.

3,800 homes in Northern Ireland, 4,000 in north Wales and 1,100 in Scotland are also without power.

The Met Office has reported that winds are easing as the remnants of Ophelia enter the North Sea. According to the BBC, winds of 70mph are continuing to hit parts of Scotland and England, but the Met currently has no warnings issued.

Flood alerts are still in place across large swathes of the South West and the North of England.