Shadow business secretary admits wrongly implicating Lloyd’s coverholder in ‘dubious’ PA sales

Labour MP Chuka Umunna has apologised to Gee 7 Group in parliament after wrongly accusing the Lloyd’s coverholder of being involved in mis-selling personal accident cover.

On 23 January, Umunna said that the government was investigating the mis-selling of personal accident insurance by employment agencies to temporary workers.

The MP named six employment agencies and also said: “There is even a company – Gee 7 Group – that specialises in putting together these dubious arrangements for agencies.”

Following Umunna’s comments, Gee 7 strenuously denied its involvement in the temporary accident cover business, and managing director Jon Pardoe said his company “has always disagreed with the principle”.

Umunna apologised on 27 January after Pardoe wrote to his MP, Daniel Kawczynski, who in turn challenged Umunna in parliament on his comment.

Umunna told parliament: “I am happy to concede, with hindsight, that it was not fair of me to raise [Gee 7’s] part in this matter without giving it the opportunity to reply.

“I regret that, and I apologise to the company for doing it. I am also happy to acknowledge – it is only fair to do so – that it has denied this. I am also pleased that Mr Pardoe has said that, in principle, he disagrees with such arrangements.”