Civil Direct and Insolvency Direct aim to speed up the process of obtaining ATE cover for solicitors

Legal expenses insurer DAS UK has launched two new after-the-event (ATE) products that aim to provide solicitors and insolvency practitioners with faster access to insurance cover for civil litigation and insolvency claims.

Civil Direct and Insolvency Direct from DAS LawAssist introduce a delegated arrangement so that insurance can be provided without a full individual assessment, provided the case meets the appropriate criteria, such as a 60% prospect of success.

DAS LawAssist ATE sales manager Richard Whale said: “We wanted to provide products that would speed up the process of obtaining ATE cover for solicitors and insolvency practitioners, decreasing the amount of paperwork required to get certain cases on risk.

“Our new products mean that for straightforward, less complex cases, firms will be able to provide clients with the necessary security more quickly and easily. They will also provide greater certainty on cost, a key consideration for clients given premiums are now payable from damages.

Insolvency Direct provides comprehensive insurance cover of up to £500,000 for conditional fee agreement (CFA) backed insolvency claims, providing full costs and disbursements risk protection to insolvency practitioners when pursuing a recovery on behalf of creditors. There is both a single-stage and multi-stage premium model.

Civil Direct provides solicitors with protection for commercial and personal clients from the risk and cost associated with litigation, covering up to £250,000. The types of cases that can be insured include contract and property disputes, professional negligence, debt recovery and contentious probate.