Anti-theft marking scheme to go live in April

Insurer advisor Lumley Jacobs has signed a deal to supply anti-theft marking to Tradewise’s motor trade and commercial vehicle business.

The marking is only visible under ultraviolet light and helps track stolen vehicles.

Tradewise will roll out a Tradewise-branded marking to their commercial customers after the initiative launches on 2 April.

Tradewise chief executive Mike Tyler said: “Our agents see forensic coding as a valuable part of our product proposition and we expect this service to help maintain our renewal retention in what is a highly competitive sector.”

Lumley Jacobs managing director Hugo Jacobs said: “Insurers are paying the price for commoditisation. There is a now a realisation that the ‘cheap, cheap,’ model is essentially a race to the bottom. We have proved that giving customers products and services they value can re-establish insurance brand loyalty.”