Someone at the Chartered Ins-urance Institute (CII) has a sense of humour. At its first Breakthrough Lecture last Friday, John Tiner, the Financial Services Authority's (FSA) insurance watchdog, was introduced with a theme tune.

One might think a detective show tune appropriate. Maybe the up-tempo, funky Starsky & Hutch theme tune or, alternatively, the sonorous and serious Inspector Morse?

No, instead the organisers chose the theme of Mission Impossible which provoked a few sniggers from the audience.

Consumer choice is very much part of the new FSA's agenda.

When Backchat asked Tiner whether he knew which insurer his own household and motor cover was held with, he answered with a firm yes.

One insurer is the lucky recipient of all his cover. Asked whether he would divulge whom he holds in the highest esteem, he smiled and said: "I'd better not say just in case I'm accused of bias!".