A former page three model has had her £375,000 claim for damages thrown out by an employment tribunal.

Amanda Forbes alleged she was subjected to vicious sexual and racial assaults while taking part in an employment-training course, part of which she likened to a chain gang.

The 27-year-old from Leicester, who posed for a tabloid newspaper said the ordeal, had seriously affected her modelling career.

"I am not the bright-eyed and bushy tailed person I was. My confidence has been shattered and I am in pain because of what I was put through," she told an employment tribunal.

Forbes told the employment tribunal she had applied for training in IT skills but was instead sent to do heavy farm work and manual labour with a railway company.

The training company, which offered Forbes the £15-a-week, three-month placement, said she had specifically requested the farm work because she wanted to be like the television gardener Charlie Dimmock.