Fine art insurer Invaluable is providing a new service to help members of the National Neighbourhood Watch (NNWA) recover stolen goods.

The joint initiative, NNWA Protector, means members can keep records and photographs of their possessions. Within 24 hours of receiving data, details of the objects are logged onto the Active Crime Tracking System database, searched by UK police and worldwide law enforcement agencies.

Stolen items are also screened against incoming auction lots, and placed in Invaluable's magazine, Invaluable & Trace, circulated in more than 170 countries.

Invaluable CEO Jon Dooley said: "It will give all those involved with NNWA the best chance of recovering lost or stolen treasured possessions, while helping to reduce theft by making it increasingly difficult for thieves to sell stolen goods."

Invaluable has so far helped to identify more than £65m of items over the past decade stolen from UK homes.