The finance provider has been offline, with no access to the website or phones since Sunday

Premium Credit is still suffering from a power outage.

The finance provider’s website has been down and it has not even been able to make or receive any calls.

Days in the dark

On Monday, the firm tweeted that it was suffering from “system issues,” then said it hoped to be online by end of play on Tuesday.

But, responding to Bush And Associates Insurance Broker on twitter this morning, the credit provider confirmed it was still offline but was ”hoping to start getting some of it up and running today.”

A broker at Bush and Associates, who wished to remain nameless, told Insurance Times: “Our concern is people who maybe have a default and want to make a payment. They can’t, then if their payment is made late, they might be charged.”

The broker also stressed how there has been little to no communication between Premium Credit and its clients.

“There is no news,” they said. “There is no messaging about what is going on and that is a concern.

”We have a good number of customers who do business through Premium Credit on a daily basis, so this is really stopping us from carrying out our day to day operations.

“Another concern is those on the cusp of renewal and can’t come to an agreement, they could be left without cover.

”It is a domino effect, and it is a real worry. We just don’t know when they will be back online.”

“A good day to work at Close Brothers”

Pete Faulkner, director at Purbeck Insurance, another client of Premium Credit said: ”Being a relatively small company, we can cope with the interruption although it is already proving a headache. The lack of any firm news and the choice they have taken to maintain a silence is worrying and in my opinion, misjudged.

”If a customer is kept in the loop, partners will be sympathetic and forgiving of most issues. When an integral partner to your business effectively shuts down and the partner refuses to communicate, I find it difficult to understand how they have decided on this strategy.

”Whatever is happening, it must be a bit of a nightmare, and I do hope, for their own sake, they sort it out quickly. I am sure they will sort it out and hopefully reflect on their comms strategy. It is, of course, possible that their main partners have been kept fully appraised of the situation.

”Either way, it may be a good day to be a sales exec at Close Brothers.”

Premium Credit has promised to ensure “customers are not disadvantaged by the outage.”

One user has asked if the cause of the outage was a data breach, but Premium Credit is yet to respond.

As the phone lines are down, Premium Credit was not available for comment.