Becky Morris, founder and managing director at Centricity Brokers, explains what it would mean for the company to win the Independent Broker of the Year award

What made you enter the Independent Broker of the Year category?

As the founder of a truly independent broker, entering the Independent Broker of the Year award was a natural choice for us here at Centricity.

Over recent years, we have seen the acquisition market soar to record levels. Great for those involved, but all too often clients are left feeling abandoned as the deals wash through.

Fundamentally, a broker’s role is to work for their clients, providing tailored advice, support and delivering comprehensive insurance solutions placed with the most suitable insurer for them.

Our independence allows us to seriously deliver and the nomination allows us to promote and celebrate this!

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should you win the award?

In a world of acquisitions, Centricity are breaking the mould!

As a 100% director-owned, truly independent broker, we have seen rapid growth from a standing start. Our passionate team has grown to seven in just over 18 months, looking after £4m gross written premium.

With so few independent brokers left, we bring a real choice for clients feeling lost and left craving for the broker relationship they used to enjoy.

While we have insurer relationships to rival the nationals, we are nimble and proactive and completely accessible. Our 360-service promise and next generation claims management delivers quantifiable value at every stage.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

Winning such a prestigious accolade as Independent Broker of the Year would be a real testament to the impact we are having within our chosen sectors, within a relatively short space of time and the value that our clients know we bring.

Most importantly, it would give us pure recognition for our fantastic team who go one step further every single day to deliver the very best insurance solutions!

As we continue to grow, the award would ensure we can promote and celebrate our independence far and wide.

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