Mark Barrett, vice president of CoreLogic, discusses the business’ joint entry with Zurich UK for the Claims Partner of the Year award

Why did you want to enter the Claims Partner of the Year category?

Mark Barrett CL Vice President UK Go To Market

Mark Barrett, vice president of CoreLogic

Our decision to enter this award was prompted by the success of our collaborative project with Zurich Insurance UK. Together, we aimed to simplify property claims, prioritising policyholder satisfaction and the efficiency of the claims process.

This joint effort reflects our shared commitment to improving industry standards. Our entry into this award aims to spotlight the power of collaboration in enhancing customer experiences and streamlining complex workflows.

It’s about showcasing how combined efforts between technology providers like CoreLogic and insurers like Zurich Insurance UK can transform claims handling for the better.

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should it win?

What sets our entry apart is its transformative impact on customer experience and claims handling. Our solution accelerates claims while notably boosting customer satisfaction and uplifting employee morale.

This is evident through marked improvements in satisfaction metrics and a clear drop in complaints, signifying enriched policyholder experiences.

Additionally, our tech-driven approach empowers customers with increased flexibility and choice in the claims process. This fusion of heightened satisfaction, streamlined processes and empowered customers truly distinguishes our entry.

The project teams at Zurich Insurance UK and CoreLogic share immense pride in what we’ve been able to achieve together.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

Winning this award would validate the dedication and innovation invested in transforming property claims.

For both Zurich Insurance UK and our team at CoreLogic, it symbolises recognition of our commitment to prioritise customer-centric solutions.

It signifies a testament to our efforts to push the boundaries of the insurance industry, fostering growth and ensuring exceptional service delivery.


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