Wayne Brand, head of Crawford’s TPA UK and Ireland division, discusses their entry into the Claims Partner of the Year award

Why did you enter for the Claims Partner of the Year award?

Wayne Brand - Head of TPA UK & Ireland

Wayne Brand, head of TPA UK and Ireland at Crawford and Co

At Crawford, we are committed to efficiency and excellence in claims management.

Crawford invested in adapting our proprietary claims manager platform to consolidate systems, align with our ’gigital that simplifies’ strategy and enhance our global client solutions.

The resulting transformation has significantly reduced client timeframes, achieved considerable cost savings and accelerated onboarding process, while empowering our teams to focus on more strategic work.

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should you win the award?

This award entry declares Crawford’s unwavering commitment to elevating services for our clients’ evolving needs.

We are expanding and improving our innovative claims manager platform – revolutionising our global operations to achieve significant cost savings and efficiency gains for clients and our business.

Phased introductions, such as same-day payments and a dedicated training zone, are central to meeting our clients’ most critical needs.

By setting new standards for TPA, this entry demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement and drive to consistently exceed client expectations.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

Winning this award would validate Crawford’s immense strategic investment and commitment to enhancing our clients’ claims journeys.

It helps set our technological and management advancements as a benchmark for claims excellence and demonstrate our commitment to addressing challenges and to achieving continuous improvement.

Beyond prestige, the award bolsters confidence in our clients, inspires growth opportunities and solidifies our position as industry leaders.

This recognition also affirms our proactive approach to efficiency and excellence, delivering superior client experiences that evolve seamlessly with their changing needs.


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