Sarah Armstrong, head of legal in RPC’s claims handling department, talks about the company’s bid for the Claims Partner of the Year award

Why did you enter the Claims Partner of the Year award?


Sarah Armstrong, head of legal in RPC’s claims handling department

RPC Claims Handling is all about working collaboratively with our clients and that is about creating an effective partnership.

One of the advantages that we have when working with clients is our ability to capture data that is bespoke, so that we can deliver insightful MI for claims managers and underwriters.

We have the benefit of an in-house case management system development team and we wanted to leverage that advantage on behalf of our clients through smarter data capture and reporting.

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should you win the award?

We have great flexibility and speed, we can identify new data points for reporting and implement data capture within a couple of weeks. But we are stand out because of our leadership and expertise in this area.

A great example has been our approach to data capture and GDPR compliant reporting following the implementation of the Consumer Duty, where we have been leading the conversation with our clients and explaining the processes we have in place to ensure that they can meet their reporting obligations to the FCA in a compliant way.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

We have brought together a core group of people with widely different skill sets and backgrounds to work together to create our claims handling product.

Every team member has brought their commitment and effort to move us towards a common goal. Winning this award would be a proud career moment for all of us.

For RPC, winning this award would mean a tangible benchmark of the quality of the product in a crowded marketplace, which justifies the investment in working to create a product that solves problems for our clients.


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