Paul Templar, cofounder and chief executive of Vipr Solutions, highlights the business’ forward thinking in its bid for the Business Partner of the Year award

Briefly explain why you entered the Business Partner of the Year cateogry?

Our entry in the ‘Business Partner of the Year’ category stems from our forward thinking and innovative partnership between Insurity and Vipr.

Paul Templar Cofounder CEO

Paul Templar

We aimed to enhance and mature the insurance underwriting process by integrating Insurity’s MGA cloud software with Vipr’s data analytics, thereby enabling real-time global data exchange.

This initiative was designed to address the significant lag in data availability for underwriters, thereby improving the management of insurance portfolios and streamlining the insurance distribution chain.

What do you think makes your entry stand out, and why should you win the award?

Our entry stands out due to its unique approach in merging technologies with advanced analytics, a first in the market.

This partnership not only enhances underwriting decisions through immediate data access but also simplifies compliance management and promotes operational excellence, offering a secure, efficient platform that minimises manual tasks and fosters operational efficiency.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

Winning the Business Partner of the Year award would be a significant acknowledgment of our collaborative innovation and commitment to advancing the insurance industry and speaks to our 15 years in the market.

It would validate our efforts in integrating technology and analytics to improve insurance processes and decision-making.

This recognition would not only honour our teams’ hard work and dedication but also reinforce our position as a leader in providing innovative solutions for the insurance sector.

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