SSP brokers endure technical difficulties over two days 

A number of SSP brokers have had their work disrupted by technical problems.

The technical issues affected a number of brokers over two days, although the issue is not nationwide.

Affected brokers had varying levels of access. 

All systems were back up and running this morning.

James Woollam, managing director of broker Hayes Parsons, told Insurance Times that his team had not been able to access systems for two days. 

”People working from and not being able to access the system for two days was frustrating to say the least,” he said.

Woolham said systems were by and large up and running as of 9am this morning, but the disruption had affected his team’s productivity and planning processes. 

”We are able to shield the clients from it short term, but after the issues we’ve had in previous years, it causes concern around the stability of the system,” he said.

The software house had apologised to brokers for ‘ongoing problems’ which are now fixed.