It follows its previous launch in the US 

Beazley has extended its cyber and data breach portal to the UK, France, Spain and Italy. 

It is available to all Beazley Breach Response (BBR) policyholders and gives clients exclusive access to a risk management information and mitigation tools. 

It allows them to report a cyber or data breach incident directly to the specialist insurer’s in-house response team, so it can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

And it builds on Beazley International Breach Response portal which has already been launched in the United States.

Raf Sanchez, international breach response manager, said: “Organisations approach breach preparation with varying levels of experience.

“In helping our clients through thousands of breaches, we’ve observed that those organisations that have a plan in place, understand their risks, undertake regular training and ensure that employees are aware of the threats, are the ones that respond most effectively.”

He pointed that the suite of materials available through Beazley’s portal is centred around these four key elements.

The specialist insurer expects this to become “the go-to source of information for clients” who want to reduce their exposure to risk as effectively as they can in the event of an incident.

Cyber attack was named the “most dangerous risk” for UK businesses in a study by the World Economic Forum (WEF). 

Recenty the Marriott International hotel strengthened its stance in cyber as it was subject to a cyber attack with the claim expected to be $300m and the guest database being stolen affecting around 500 million of its customers. 

Last month QBE ramped up its cyber offering for SMEs. 

Beazley’s Breach Response was originally launched in 2009, and it claims to be the only insurer to have a long-standing global in-house response team.