The insurtech is now working towards a 50:50 split of male and female staff overall

Telematics insurtech Ticker has hit a gender milestone with 50% of its senior positions being held by women.

In a blog published on 24 September 2021, entitled ’Insurtech can lead the insurance industry on diversity’, Richard King, Ticker’s founder and chief executive, announced that due to the insurtech’s recruitment efforts this year, women now hold the majority of managerial positions.

He told Insurance Times: “The pandemic opened our eyes to new ways of working. We have gone entirely remote first, but we do encourage the teams to get together as often as possible as that’s when the magic happens. That’s when the innovation and creativity happen.

“We suddenly had a look and realised that 50% of our senior positions were held by females because of the new ways of working and insurtech being so attractive to a diverse range of people.

“Isn’t this the wonderful thing about the insurtech industry? It attracts all ages – young and old, people from all sorts of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.”

The insurtech is now working towards a 50:50 split of male to female employees across the whole workforce.

Widening the talent pool

King said going remote first in terms of working practices was “one of the best things we ever did”.

He continued: “This widens our talent pool, invites people from industries usually based elsewhere and makes our workplace accessible to everyone, whether that’s a parent needing balance as they return to work, a graduate or someone with disabilities.

“Welcoming skill sets from across the board brings in the diversity of background, experience and thinking that we need to keep innovating.” 

To help keep staff connected while working remotely, King hosted a 10 to 15-minute morning video call for the first six weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic. He still continues this ritual today.

“It’s just to have that connected feeling and to tell people everything that’s happening,” he said.