Sir Roger Gale said insurers must pay out in the customer time of need

A Tory MP has vowed Downing Street action after his constituents complained insurers were not paying out on pandemic-related claims.

Sir Roger Gale, lambasted insurers, with a ‘we bailed you out’ blast, and has vowed to raise the issue with Downing Street.

He said: ”Today I spoke with a childminder who said she had paid insurance for 30 years but the company said they would not pay out.

“They claimed the insurance didn’t cover her for the coronavirus because when she signed up for the insurance the virus wasn’t a listed disease.

”The coronavirus is now, but not when she took the policy. I find that unacceptable.

“Insurance companies and banks take a lot of money over time, but when the chips are down for those who have paid and they need to cash in, they must pay out.

”We were there for the banks when they crashed – we were the ones who paid out then.”