The ABI has warned the public of the scam and said it would never contact individuals about a personal injury claim

A warning has been given to the public that cold-callers are passing themselves off as the ABI.

But the ABI has said it would never contact individuals about a personal injury claim or endorse a claims management firm. It has told the public to put the phone down to such calls.

This comes after members of the public have reported getting cold calls from a firm purporting to be the ABI, or employed by it.

The ABI has attempted to contact the firm, but has so far have failed.

ABI spokesman Anthony Wright said: “Any cold callers saying they are connected with the ABI are cowboys trying to scam honest people into making a fake claim.

“We want the public to know that the ABI will never contact members of the public in this way and does not endorse any claims management firm.

“If someone does contact you about a personal injury claim saying they work with the ABI, our advice is to just put the phone down.

“This is further evidence of why we need the Civil Liability Bill going through Parliament to fix the broken injury compensation system that these firms are exploiting.”

The news comes after AA research found drivers are being plagued by nuisance calls from claims management companies.

There are more than 750 personal injury claims management companies in the UK, turning over nearly £200 million a year.

Since April 2017 the Claims Management Regulator has cancelled 69 licences, reflecting widespread poor practice in the sector.