The campaign originally focussed on property, motor and small business insurance

The ABI is hosting its first travel insurance conference today, and it is marking the occasion by expanding its consumer education initiative, The Insurance Experiments, to cover travel issues.

A stand-alone website, The Insurance Experiments is designed to make general insurance more understandable and accessible for consumers.

Thousands of people have already gone online to the site and Facebook page, where the ABI promotes it.

It initially focussed on property, motor and small business insurance issues, but now that has been extended to include travel.

According to research published by the ABI in July, a travel insurance claim was made every minute in 2017, with over 510,000 claims reported, worth over £385m. This is the highest amount paid since 2010 (£455m) when the Icelandic ash cloud disrupted travel for thousands of holidaymakers.

Charlie Campbell, senior policy adviser for travel insurance at the ABI said: “Travel insurers pay out more than a million pounds every day to support customers who’ve encountered difficulties overseas, with some bills for medical expenses costing tens of thousands of pounds.

”Given the importance of having the right cover when something goes wrong, our new Insurance Experiments are designed to encourage consumers to spend just a little longer thinking about the cover that they buy for their trips away.

”It’s important to not only look at the cost of the policy but to ensure it accurately reflects your personal circumstances, and takes account of where you’ll be going and what you’re likely to be doing.”