NIG offers up to extra 5% commision for new package business

NIG is offering up to 5% extra commission for new package business placed with NIG’s Standard Packages products between March 1 and April 30.

Brokers who place the products via will be eligible to an extra three per cent commission, increasing to five per cent for more than £5,000 GWP placed during the deal period.

In addition, NIG will guarantee to beat premiums on business held or quoted by some competitors in the commercial market, providing these fit with the Standard Packages products.

Dave Parry, NIG’s director of sales and distribution said: “We’ve made no secret of our desire to grow our share of the SME market and this offer reaffirms our appetite to write more package business. Last year we re-aligned our package products to attract and cater for larger premium business and specific, profitable trades. That strategy has been successful so we are now widening the net and looking to encourage more brokers to use NIG Network as their 1st choice for package business.

“We are keen to demonstrate our support to brokers in a meaningful way through initiatives that help them build relationships, win business and retain clients. Brokers like NIG Network because it is simple and quick to use. We’re now making it even easier for them to get a great deal on the site by guaranteeing to beat our key competitors.

“This is a bold move but we know already that our new range of package products is popular with brokers and the profitability and pricing within our preferred trades gives us the scope to do this and provide brokers with even more reasons to partner NIG. We plan to continue using initiatives like this to reinforce our position as a leading package provider.”

The initiative follows the successful launch of the NIG’s revamped package product suite last year.

In June 2010 NIG expanded the cover available under its tradesmen, residential landlord, commercial landlord, hotel and guest house, pub and restaurant, business from home, shop and office and surgery products and launched a brand new ‘professionals’ product.