A new cyberintermediary launched this week which promises to show consumers all the quotes it can generate for a policy.

Insurancevillage is planning to show up to 50 options for car insurance rather than limit the number to the most suitable options for the client.

And the site will also insist on the completion of a full question set by customers rather than the shortened sets currently being adopted by some companies.

Steve Arthington, whose brainchild the new company is, said: “The role of the insurance broker or intermediary has changed a great deal in recent years and there is a lot more that can be done to make the most of the new opportunities presented by the net.

“The key is to strike the correct balance.

“With the launch of insurancevillage we have chosen not to take short cuts, because a greater level of trust and openness needs to be established within the industry if such ventures are to succeed.”

The site is initially offering motor, motorcycle, travel, boat, caravan, house and property insurance.

It can be found at insurancevillage.co.uk