Insurer DNB Forsikring built a remote-control pillar to baffle drivers in its ingenious latest advert.

The Norwegian insurer sent the pillar zooming around the car park, surprising wary shoppers and showing them just how easy it is to have an accident and dent their car.

In one instance, a man sitting in his car opens the door as the pillar edges closer. He is not paying attention to his surroundings. By the time the door is half open, it is bumping into the cheeky pillar. He reclines in the car, looking shocked.

However, as the pillar edges away again, he begins to laugh.

In another scene, a woman reversing backs straight into the pillar as it shuffles into her path.

An confused elderly couple can be seen getting out of their car to survey the pillar as it blocks their vehicle. One asks in bemused Norwegian: “It wasn’t there before?”

The pillar swivels at the end of the advert, with a clever warning to consumers written in Norwegian, translated as: 1 out of 3 dents are parking related.