Norwich Union (NU) has launched a £250,000 legal action against 15 businessmen and a number of companies allegedly involved in a windscreen repair scam.

The insurer claims the businessmen dishonestly charged the insurer for windscreen repairs.

NU is suing Diamond Crystal Autoglass, Autoglaze Direct, Perfect Six Glass, and Glass FX UK, which it says are purported windscreen repair companies, according to court papers.

Also facing legal action are directors and officers of the companies. They are: Najib Sharifi, Alnajib Mohammed Sediqyzada, Hamid Mohammed Siqdiqy, Hamir Shah, Admid Sidiqy, David Elmsleigh, and Sami Deinor.

NU is suing them for damages for deceit, fraudulent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, knowing receipt, dishonest assistance, breach of trust, and conspiracy.

The insurance giant is also suing Mohammed Sediqy, Nadra Saddique Rouhulla Noori, and Eter Mamrikishvili, whom it accuses of wrongfully receiving its money without any legitimate entitlement.

Those sued have addresses in London, Middlesex, Brentford, Southall and Ealing.

NU declined to comment.