Your article "New start for recycle pilot" (Cover, 13 July) awoke memories of my arrival at CU in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1985.

I was being shown around the office by one of my staff and was intrigued to be shown a large room in which there was a collection of damaged motor vehicle parts.

Naturally, I inquired of the reason and was interested to be told that whenever a new part was fitted to one of our insureds' vehicles,

we retained the replaced, damaged part. Every so often, depending on the number of replacements, a group of favoured repairers would be invited in to bid for any parts they fancied.

The room filled and emptied regularly during my tenure, and was successful enough to be maintained. Let us hope that within the much larger picture of the UK a method can be devised that will be equally viable.

Derek Herbert
Arkley, Herts