Brokers have placed £15m of business from new commercial clients using AXA's Prospect Manager scheme.

The scheme helps brokers to target potential SME customers.

Ignition, the marketing company providing the service, said the figure had been reached from fewer than 1,000 clients.

Andy Heap, managing director of Ignition, said the average premium achieved using Prospect Manager was now nearly £16,000.

A version of the scheme targeting small businesses with fewer than 10 employees, Prospect Manager Lite, was due to launch this autumn, said Heap.

Prospect Manager allows brokers to select 1,000 SME prospects, which Ignition then targets to generate name awareness and inquiries on behalf of the broker.

Seventy brokers are currently using the system, targeting 70,000 SMEs overall.

The brokers have free access to training programmes developed by Ignition designed to maximise their sales conversion rates.

AXA head of broker development Colin Calder said the insurer was committed to the further development of Prospect Manager, including a consultancy support service.