Insurethebox urges young drivers to take care in the winter months, as its driving data shows the likelihood of a crash increases by 12%

Accident alerts as part of policies enable telematics provider Insurethebox to alert the emergency services to a severe crash at the point of collision, but it has issued a warning that young drivers need to tread carefully in winter months as bad crashes increase.

The chance of accident increases by 12% in the Winter months, according to an analysis of Insurethebox’s 3bn miles of driving data, which is based on 18,000 claims from 2012 to 2016. Earlier this month, Co-op issued a similar warning to drivers, as the insurer’s claims data showed that historically 5 December is the most dangerous day to be driving on UK roads.

Insurethebox sends out 10 alerts a month on average to the emergency services for customers involved in serious crashes. However, this rises to 14 alerts in the winter months of November to January. 

An alert is triggered when the telematics data shows a forceful impact has occurred. If data suggests that a crash may have happened then Insurethebox can pinpoint the exact location of a car for the emergency services.

Insurethebox road safety manager, Simon Rewell cautioned younger drivers, saying:  “As the holidays approach, many students will find themselves making the long journey home in less than ideal driving conditions with the darker, shorter days bringing reduced visibility and the risk of snow and ice.”

Rewell warned that sunny winter days can leave drivers facing a “strong glare”. Drivers, especially new ones, need to be “mindful of speed limits” and make sure they take frequent rest breaks of 20 minutes at least every 2.5 hours.

Rewell added: “Through the use of in-car telematics technology, we are helping thousands of young people take control of their driving behaviour and reducing road accidents. As the first insurance provider to include Accident Alerts as part of its car insurance offering, we are also able to provide support in the event of an accident. Should the worst happen and a policy holder is involved in an accident, we are able to contact the emergency services directly on behalf of the customer, which provides greater peace of mind that someone is always looking out for them.”