Car body repairers are calling for the industry to support a new research group called the Body Repair Industry Campaign (BRIC).

It has been set up by the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) Federation to analyse the relationship between the insurance industry and vehicle repair process.

The RMI has a number of grievances it wants BRIC to investigate.

These include:

  • specification of non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or second hand parts
  • allegations of insurance company collusion
  • cross-subsidy of insurance products
  • insurers' actions against customers (denying right to choose repair centre)
  • MPs to initiate an investigation into possible anti-competitive practices under the Competition Act 1998
  • an obligation on motor insurers operating their own bodyshop to be VAT registered.
  • an investigation into the pricing structure and comparison of motor insurance cover within the EU
  • a system that regulates insurer/ repairer activity in the UK body repair industry, as an extension of the current MOT system.

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