Norgrove aims to "reverse decline" in the firm's enterprise offering

RSA is reinventing its small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) offering in a bid to grab a “Champions’ League spot” by overtaking its rivals in the league table. The insurer wants to be a top-three player in the SME commercial market within five years.

RSA’s SME business director, Ken Norgrove, admits that the insurer’s previous enterprise offering, launched in 1999, had fallen by the wayside.

He says: “This year we have reversed the decline in our SME book.” In the first quarter of 2010, the company’s SME revenues grew 14%.

Norgrove vows that RSA’s new SME package will be “fundamentally different”. He says the insurer is prepared to do big deals. “We are trying to target all brokers. We want to get our distribution as wide as possible. We have as broad a risk appetite as any other insurer.”