Couple were released this week after 388 days held hostage

RSA is the property insurer of the British couple’s yacht that was captured by Somalian pirates in October 2009 during an abduction, it has emerged.

Paul and Rachel Chandler, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, were released this week after a 388-day ordeal following their abduction by the pirates in October 2009.

The couple were sailing from the Seychelles to Tanzania in a 38ft yacht when they were captured. A ransom, believed to be in excess of £600,000, was paid to the pirates this week, although it is unclear how the ransom payout was funded.

Concerns over piracy attacks have led to JLT proposing a private naval convoy to protect shipping passing through the Gulf of Aden, which is prone to attacks from Somalian pirates.

RSA declined to comment.