New revenue stream for brokers and mid-renewal contact

RSA has launched a toolkit to help businesses avoid credit car fraud, claiming it gives brokers a new revenue stream and the chance to contact customer between renewals.

RSA's initiative provides access to the tools for firms that electronically hold, transmit or process credit card information, to comply with the Payment Card Industry's (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).

It includes onsite workshops, self-assessment questionnaire support, consultancy and onsite analysis to uncover any gaps in documentation, process and technical requirements. It also covers the audit and quarterly system scanning service necessary to meet the mandatory standard.

Des Cross, retail director at RSA, said: "Retailers currently face a great deal of challenges with fragile sales and regular and frequent changes to legislation. The threat of security attacks on their computer systems leading to the abuse of customer data is yet another growing worry for them and could prove costly to their reputation. We have created a package to help businesses keep all of these worries under control.

"For Brokers, this provides a new and ongoing revenue stream and a reason to engage with customers outside the renewal cycle. It also enables them to demonstrate understanding of customers' emerging risks."

RSA's offering is provided in partnership with NCC Group SecureTest.