Differentiate between low risk airlines

Ryanair has demanded that insurance providers offer discounts for passengers according to the airlines they fly with.

“It is very clear from statistics that different airlines offer different levels of service, so passengers who fly with reliable airlines should enjoy discounts. Insurers should take that disparity into account, the way they do with car insurance and young drivers,” said a Ryanair spokesman.

The budget carrier claims it loses only 0.4 bags per 1,000 passengers and tops bigger airlines in punctuality and least number of cancellations.

The Association of European Airlines ranked BA as the worst airline in terms of lost baggage, where 28 out of 1,000 passengers did not receive their luggage at their destination.

Ryanair has written to the Association of British Insurers to incorporate their request. The ABI confirmed that it had received Ryanair’s letter today.

An ABI spokesman indicated that it will be making the point that travel insurance depends on a lot more risk factors than punctuality and lost baggage is just one aspect of claims paid by insurers.

The ABI will issue a formal response in due course.