The telematics boss argues that blackbox technology is not just for the few

Regardless of differing views over the much-needed standardisation and validation of telematics data, one thing all parties seem to agree on is that the development and take-up of telematics products will rise exponentially in the lead-up to and after the EU gender ruling implementation in December.

While insurers will get the main benefits of telematics through reduced loss ratios and fraud, large brokers such as Swinton, AA and Autosaint are using their might to develop dedicated products. But where does that leave the small and medium-sized brokers without the telematics processes, the funding or the leverage with insurer partners?

Brokers are a valuable route to market and it is vital the industry works together to create a product and process that can be used by all brokers. This means working with software houses to enable the policy to be tied to the ‘box’ and automated process flows for booking the installation.

Sandy Dunn is chairman of Wunelli