Sherwood International has launched aeos, new software that could increase the number of transactions an insurance web site can process by three times.

Sherwood claims the best active servers can withstand approximately 30,000 concurrent transactions. By using aeos, Sherwood says sites will be able endure "at least 90,000 concurrent transactions".

Sherwood is targeting the leading 100 UK insurers but believes aeos will prove attractive to any insurer handling large volumes of business. Two insurers are understood to be close to purchasing aeos.

The new technology functions as a customer portal. This means that customers can log on, access information, and if necessary enter the insurance provider's back office.

George Matthews, Sherwood International chief executive, said: "It is important that the process moves forward fast enough for the customer to believe he is in a live transactional mode with the provider.

"The more people you have on-line, the harder this is to achieve. Delays where customers might assume the application has fallen over are just not acceptable. We are confident that the aeos architecture will be able to provide swift, robust services to millions of web users."

The new technology works by pre-loading key data that a customer might want

A small number of Sherwood customers will trial early releases of aeos in the final quarter of this year. The technology is expected to be on general release by the beginning of next year.

The launch of aeos coincides with a Sherwood survey looking at internet projects among insurers.

The study finds that more than 56% of insurers now offer some products and services on-line, and that of those which don't, 58% are planning to do so within the next six months.