When a driver dropped a rubbish skip on to his £90,000 Porsche, he expected a nice windfall claim.

But he reckoned withoutthe diligence of insurer KGM Motor.

The insurer defeated the fraudulent claim, after an investigation by Ravenstone UK and MWR Solicitors, which specialises in suspicious claims.

The claim related to an alleged car accident near Lichfield in November 1999.

A Peugeot was said to have collided with the rear of a Jaguar, pushing it into the path of the Porsche, which consequently rolled over and landed on its roof.

The drivers of the Jaguar and the Porsche submitted a £70,000 claim against the Peugeot driver's insurer, KGM.

But engineering reports confirmed the damage to the three vehicles was not consistent with the circumstances.

Engineers said the roof damage to the Porsche was consistent with that of a large object, such as a rubbish skip, being dropped on it .

The case was discontinued hours before it was due to start at Birmingham Crown Court.

MWR Solicitors have been instructed by KGM to recover the investigation costs, estimated at £40,000, from the Jaguar driver, Steven Mercer.

An MWR Solicitors spokesman said: "We hope this will encourage other insurers to take a tough stance against fraud."