Stoke Newington residents report 34 theft claims per 1,000 policies

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Homeowners in Stoke Newington are the most likely to have made a home insurance claim against their insurer.

Analysis of more than three million home insurance policies found that for every 1,000 people living in the N16 north London postcode, 34 had made a theft-related claim.

The study by Moneysupermarket also found Apperley Bridge in Bradford and West Bromwich in the west Midlands recorded nearly 32 claims per 1,000 policies.

Some good news for insurers with seventeen areas including Helston in Cornwall and Peterlee in County Durham were found to have effectively no claims per 1,000 policies.

Julie Fisher, head of home insurance at said: “Being in a higher-risk area doesn’t necessarily mean where you live is bad or rife with crime - many thieves will target more affluent areas purely for the rewards on offer.”

The quotes analysed were run on the website between 1 December 1 2010 and 30 November 30 2011.